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Virtual Real Estate Mogul

Virtual Real Estate Mogul

Purchase a passive income GUARANTEED at $1,000/ month for 24 months with the intent of growing it to $100,000/year within that timeframe.

The Virtual Real Estate Mogul Flipping Websites For Profit Program: Revenue Projections*

*These are all projections and as such cannot be guaranteed because the results will depend on what you do and don’t do as a Mogul.

Exponential Programs has NO doubt it can produce the result of generating $1/day/site for the portfolio so that by the end of the guarantee period, revenue should be $1,500/month as a MINIMUM, however there is no guarantee or stipulation that this will be the case since you are ultimately responsible to learn and apply the strategies.

The Virtual Real Estate Pricing Model has Gone Up

From 10 to 20 and soon 30 Times Monthly Earnings

The Virtual Real Estate market pricing model (set by the open market and NOT Exponential Programs) for websites has shifted from 10 times monthly earning last year to 20 times earning this year with the expectation of it increasing to 30 times monthly earnings within the next 2 years. This pricing is set by an open competitive market based on supply and demand forces.

It must be noted that your Mogul portfolio will, at that time, have a 2-year history, analytics and dozens of strategies deployed. That ‘record’ will strengthen the revenue stream, reduce risk and increase the attractiveness of the portfolio for future potential buyers.

Another way to look at it is this: If Exponential Programs is willing to GUARANTEE the revenue of $1,000/month for TWO FULL YEARS, it means it has the confidence that it can do much, much better. Case studies presented at the Wealth Without Worries Investor Briefing reflect that aiming for $1/day or $30/month is a VERY CONSERVATIVE approach when sites bought and sold by Virtual Real Estate Agents, Investors, Developers and Empire Builders are generating $100, $200, $500/site/month.

Are You A Virtual Real Estate Mogul?

Should you be risk averse, the Virtual Real Estate Mogul Program is not for you. It is uniquely positioned for someone who wants a CRITICAL MASS portfolio that can be grown and expanded to $8,500/month or $100,000/year and BEYOND.

The decision to consider this opportunity can be summarised by the following statement:

“If you are looking at what $1,500/month will be worth in 2 years from now – this is NOT for you. That outcome would be a DISASTER. It would mean you would have done NOTHING, completely ignoring the recommendations, strategies, tools, techniques and resources available within the 2-year long Platinum Program. You would have to fail at deploying every single strategy and recommendation or NOT HAVE DONE ANYTHING for two full years.”

A Mogul MUST, by definition have the drive and desire to want to BECOME A Mogul – creating an on-going passive income of $100,000+ for him/herself by deploying as many of the Exponential Marketing Strategies as possible strategically and tactically WITHIN the 2-year duration of the Platinum Program.

The Virtual Real Estate Mogul Program Limited To 2 Participants

The Virtual Real Estate Mogul Program is limited to 2 participants BECAUSE Exponential Programs GUARANTEES the $1,000/month for 2 years. We can ONLY do that for 2 people with the current resources AND INVENTORY available. We stand behind our iron-clad guarantee and want to work with 2 people who are committed to generating well in excess of $100,000/year of on-going passive income. That is our commitment to you when you consider joining as a Mogul.

Due to the provision of the guarantee, Exponential Programs reserves the right to refuse entry to this program at its sole discretion.

If you have any doubts and you are focused on the RISKS of what you might lose – DON’T BECOME A MOGUL.

A Mogul is by definition a LEADER, A RESULTS-ORIENTED TAKE-NO-PRISONERS type of person who will out-perform the norm and set the new standards for others to follow AND wants to be REWARDED...

If you’re a Mogul, you’ve already done the maths of the projections shown above and realised that the POTENTIAL is to BUILD a portfolio that could be worth:

Virtual Real Estate Mogul Revenue Value Projection Calculations

Of course as a Mogul, you discount that by half = $300,000 and then by half again and you end up with $150,000. If you have any doubts. You discount it by another half again and end up with $75,000.

You now say to yourself “Am I willing to risk $25,000 to possibly create an asset worth $600,000 that could PAY me $240,000/year?”

If that’s not what you’re thinking – the Virtual Real Estate Mogul Program is NOT for you. Someone else will gladly take this opportunity... Just remember, once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Psst! If you really are a MOGUL, you’re actually thinking if I can get MORE than $10/lead from more than 1 company/day/site, this could be worth $2 to $3 Million within 3 to 5 years. Now you’re thinking like a Mogul...

You better check to see if there’s still a position available or if someone else has beaten you to it!

Package Includes Value
2-year Platinum Program including Internet and Business Mastery $49,995
Everything an Empire Builder receives EXCEPT Passive Profit Powerhouse Portfolio $71,968
Portfolio of 50 Kool Sites $50,000
Guaranteed Income of $1,000/month for 24 months $24,000
Total Value $195,963
You Pay Only $99,995
You Save $95,968
Your Percent Savings 49%