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Virtual Real Estate Passive Profit Powerhouse Portfolio

Virtual Real Estate Passive Profit Powerhouse Portfolio

A ready-made portfolio fully established (indexed with search engines) so there is no due diligence risk, constructed to get you up and running immediately so you focus on income growth right away.

This portfolio of websites includes:

When You Acquire A Passive Profit Powerhouse Portfolio, everything is taken care of for you…

This means you don’t get bogged down on the technicalities that add NO VALUE to your investment – instead YOU focus on value and income-generation strategies that we teach you, step-by-step.

As you deploy the strategies we:

WAIT! It gets better – seriously… This model is so exponential you’ll start to wonder why everyone isn’t doing this!

The reason is… they don’t know, otherwise they would!

Please note: Passive Profit Powerhouse Portfolios are only available for Flipping Websites For Profit Program Members (Agents, Investors, Empire Builders and Moguls).

Package Includes Value
6 Krappy Websites $6,000
3 Kool Websites $6,000
1 Kash Kow Website $5,000
Total Value $17,000
You Pay Only $9,995
You Save $7,005
Your Percent Savings 41%